Angus and Joy

We met in Nepal and worked in international development in south Asia and Africa for 20 years, particularly on sanitation and hygiene.  We were very unhappily married until 2006 when Angus was born again and Jesus transformed our lives.  In 2009 we read a newspaper article entitled ‘Coffee and cake are a recipe of hope for India’s Dalits’. It was about some young women from a manual scavenger community who were trained to run a coffee shop.  This was a much better job than they ever dreamed possible. We were deeply impacted and believed God was calling us to go to the poor and needy in India, specifically to the sanitation workers.


“He lifts up the poor and needy.  He takes the beggar from the dung-heap, He sets them among princes and makes them inherit His throne of glory.”  1 Samuel 2:8


Just as Jesus has transformed our marriage and our lives, we believe that He can transform the lives of anyone who is struggling in any way.